Download AnYme for PC (Windows & Mac) – LATEST VERSION

Looking for your favorite anime series to watch online? There are very few good sources and AnYme for PC tops the list in the market right now. AnYme for Windows PC and Mac consists of a huge database of anime movies, series, and cartoons that is open to all. You can access the contents easily and experience the fastest streaming service using this app. High-quality video content are offered by AnYme on PC.

AnYme APK for PC - Free Download
AnYme APK for PC

Being a third-party app, it is not possible to find AnYme X for PC in the official app stores. This is why you need Nox App Player, which is a great Android emulator that stimulates the same environment as that of an Android device on PC. You can download AnYme X on Windows PC and Mac in the safest way with Nox App Player. This article gives a detailed procedure to download AnYme on PC. Now, start streaming an unlimited range of animes with the latest AnYme. Check out:   TVTap Pro APK Download on PC [Best HD Quality App].


AnYme APK – Features

If you are a huge anime fan, AnYme for PC is the ultimate heaven as you can find the desired content to stream for free. Listed below are a few features of the latest AnYme for Windows PC and Mac.

  • A great collection of anime series, movies, and cartoons that are automatically added to the MyAnimeList.
  • It displays the whole information of the anime, including the voice actors, director, ratings, etc.
  • The Random Anime option shuffles the contents automatically to find the best ones to stream.
  • The user interface is simple and the database is regularly updated.
  • It has an inbuilt adblocker that blocks any advertisement within the app.
  • The complete schedule of the anime is also available.
App NameAnYme
License TypeFree
Compatibility Android, iOS, Firestick & PC
License TypeFree
QualityHD Quality

AnYme X for PC notifies you whenever a new episode comes up. You can find the popular and trending animes in the respective list. Users can even recommend anime content to each other. Create your own favorite list and enjoy streaming.

Download AnYme on PC using Nox App Player

The latest AnYme for PC offers the best anime collection with contents from various genres. It offers an enhanced user experience with faster search results and buffer-free streaming. You can download AnYme on Windows PC and Mac using Nox App Player for free. Nox App Player gives a safe platform to download such third-party apps on PC. Let’s look at the installation procedure.

  • Go to the prescribed link using any browser on PC to open the official page of the Nox App Player.
  • Click on the Download button to get Nox App Player on PC.
  • Upon download, locate the file and open it. Click on Install from the pop-up window.
  • Launch Nox App Player after installation and keep it running.


  • Move to the browser and open the URL provided below to access the download page of AnYme.

   AnYme APK

  • You need to hit the Download option to download AnYme APK file.
  • Drag and drop the AnYme APK file onto the Nox App Player window.
  • The APK will be recognized after which the installation of AnYme is initiated.


  • Hit the Install button from the confirmation window to complete the installation.

You can explore an enormous library of anime series and movies for free using AnYme for PC. The built-in video player has different streaming options and supports various file types.

5 Best AnYme Alternatives (Similar Apps) for PC

Though the AnYme app is good for watching your favourite anime shows and movies on your Phone or PC, nobody knows how long it will live. Keeping this in mind, here we have provided a list of the best alternatives to the AnYme app. You can try any of these apps in case if you find it hard to use the AnYme app.

1. VRV

Not just to AnYme app, VRV can be the best alternative to any other Anime app because of its ability to stream anime in 1080p Quality. There is a drawback to this app i.e. VRV is exclusive to the USA only. If you’re an Anime Fan living Outside of the USA, then you might consider using a VPN service.

VRV anime app for iOS devices and Mac - Free

The VRV app also has dubbed the versions of Anime in multiple languages incase if you don’t understand the original language, there is a possibility that the Anime may be available in your own language too. If you can’t find anime in your language then you can use Subtitles(Multiple languages).

2. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is a mobile app for Anime Lovers, It is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The app is a legal amine streaming platform and the Anime episodes will be released directly from Japan.

AnimeLab app for Android and iOS and PC- Free Unlimited Anime

The problem is that the AnimeLab app is restricted only to Australia and New Zealand. So if you are not from these locations, a VPN is the only way. Anime videos can be streamed in high quality and the content is organized neatly. Dubbed versions of Anime and Subtitles support is also available.

3. AnimeZone

AnimeZone is an Exclusive Android app that can be very useful for Anime lovers. The AnimeZone app has a beautiful user interface and it is very simple to use. An interesting aspect is that the AnimeZone app has no Ads.

AnimeZone app for Free Anime Watching - Install on PC

Using this app, users can stream and Download Anime videos for watching later. The app has a huge catalogue of anime content organized based on different Genres. The app receives regular updates and the content is also updated on daily basis.

4. Crunchy Roll

Crunchy-Roll is one of the most popular choices for Anime Fans. Though the app is filled with lot of ads, people still choose this app because of its huge content. The app is available for multiple platforms including Android, iOS and some other minor categories.

Crunchy Roll APK for PC - Free Download

Crunchy Roll is mostly used anime app among the Western world. The app has a free version with lots of Ads. Three premium tiers also available with different previlages.

5. AnimeDLR

AnimeDLR is just another Android Exclusive free Anime app. How this app works is somewhat different compared to other anime apps. AnimeDLR uses different sources to collect a huge number of Anime videos.

AnimeDLR APK app for PC - Free Download

The sources include paheanime , 9anime, kissanime, gogoanime and animedao. It also lets users individually choose each video’s quality for Streaming and Downloading. The quality range is from 144p to 1080p.

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AnYme X APK Download for PC for Windows 10/8.1 & MAC Laptop

The latest AnYme for Windows PC and Mac is the number one streaming app for free anime content. Each anime comes with its synopsis, rating, voice actors, and other details. You can even favourite the anime or characters within the play. Download AnYme on PC  and watch anime anytime.

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