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Everybody adores the experience of the Android operating system, even some Apple Fanboys. There are tons of reasons that make Android the best mobile operating system. Its adaptability, a plenitude of applications, and loads of other things complete the Android. These days, developers are attracting towards Android app development due to Android versatility, and highly customisable options. Do you know, you can now easily run Android apps directly on the computer? Yes, you have heard it right, it is possible to run an Android app on the PC using an Android emulator. Check out the most popular app For watching movies and series that require Emulator: TVTap Pro for PC Windows & MAC ( FREE DOWNLOAD).

Download Nox Android Emulator for MAC
Download Nox App Player for Mac (Latest)

Android emulator is a virtual Android environment that is specifically designed for computers. Getting engaging with the Android emulator, you can easily run any Android app on the mobile phone. Android emulators are gaining more and more popularity for the past 2 – 3 years. Android developers are testing their apps on such an Android environment before releasing them. Since the inception of games like PUBG mobile, Fortnite, etc. the demand is boosted twice. On the internet, you will find loads of Android emulators. In this post, we are going to talk about such Android emulator known as Nox App Player.


Nox App Player for Mac, PC – Features

Nox App Player is the new contender in the Android emulator’s list. Since the launch of the Nox App player, it is downloaded by almost a million computer users. The major function of Nox App Player is its stability and performance, similar to Bluestacks. Engaging with the Nox App Player, you can easily run any type of Android APK file on the computer. It doesn’t matter whether you have a Windows or Mac computer. Nox App Player is designed for both Windows and Mac computers.

  • Faster and smoother: Nox App Player is coded with an advanced algorithm which makes it faster in speed as compared to its counterparts. App switching and the opening are smoother, unlike well-known player Bluestacks.
  • Easy to use: Using Nox App Player on the Mac computer is much easier as compared to its Windows version because the Nox App Player for Mac is stable and reliable.
  • Run any type of app: Nox App Player allows the user to install any type of APK file on the computer. If you are a gamer and want to play games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, etc. then, you can experience it on a computer using Nox App Player.
  • Comes with popular Android version: Most of the Android emulator is not coming with Play Store which makes it difficult to download the app But, the Nox App player comes with the Android 4.4.2 KitKat so, you can directly download any app on the game from the Google Play Store. Nox App Player makes the download and installs the app much easier as compared to its counterparts.

updated nox app player MAC

  • Multitasking: When it comes to multitasking, there are very few Android emulators are available that offer multitasking. Nox App Player is one of them. Using Nox App Player, multitasking is seamless without any problem.
  • Compatible: You can easily run the Nox App Player on Mac. There is no special computer hardware is required in order to install and install Nox App Player on the Mac computer.
  • Free to download: Like other Android emulators, you can download the Nox app player for Mac or Windows at free of cost. There is no need to pay a single penny in order to download and install this Android emulator on the computer.

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Download and Install Nox App Player for Mac (STEPS)

As we said earlier, Nox App Player is available for both Windows and Mac computers. In the below steps, we will guide you how you can download the Nox Emulator for Mac in few shots.

  • Foremost, launch a web browser on your Mac computer and follow the below link

   Download Nox Player for MAC

  • Now, locate the download button and hit on it to start the Nox App Player for Mac download process.
  • Save the file to the desired location if you don’t want to save it to the default

Once the download process is successfully completed, you can follow the below steps to know how to install Nox App player on Mac computer.

  • Initially, you have to open the download location of Nox App Player DMG file.
  • One has to double-click on the Nox App Player DMG file to start its installer.
  • You have to grant all the required permissions to start the installation process of Nox App Player on the Mac computer.


  • Accept all the term and conditions to finish the installation process.
  • Once the installation process completed, you can launch the Nox App Player and complete the set-up process.

How to Uninstall Nox Player from Mac

Noxplayer is one of the most popular Emulator for simulating Android on Windows and Mac. Sometimes Noxplayer didn’t respond and shows error, at times like these users choose to re-install or completely uninstall Noxplayer from their computer. If users want to re-install the app, it is recommended to practice proper uninstallation method, which includes clearing all the supported files From the operating system before re-installing.

  • Close Noxplayer:
    • Before uninstalling, Noxplayer and its background services has to be closed.
    • Quit Noxplayer from the menu on the top bar.
    • Now open Activity Monitor and if there are any Background activities related to NoxPlayer, kill them.
    • Quit the NoxPlayer from the Top toolbar menu.
  • Uninstall Noxplayer:
    • Open File Explorer and Click on Applications Under Favorites section on sidebar.
    • Find out Noxplayer App and, Either drag it into trash icon or Right click on app and select Move toTrash option manually.

Uninstall Noxplayer from MacOS

  • Now Open Trash and right-click on Noxplayer app, choose Delete Immediately option.

NoxPlayer Won’t Start & Stuck at 99% Issue Solved & 100% working

Delete Noxplayer Supported files:

  • From the Finder, navigate to Go → Go to Folder.

Hot to Use Finder option in Mac

  • Type ~/Library and press Enter.

Open ~/Library folder on MacOS

  • From the results, click on “Library “next to This Mac Text.

Hidden Folder in Mac

  • Type nox in search bar and press enter.
  • From the results, Select Nox_Share and Nox App Player Folders as shown in the above image.
  • Right-click and choose Move to Trash option.
  • If you find any other results related to your search, move them to Trash.
  • Now Open Trash and delete all the Noxplayer Supported files, or just Empty Trash (If you have any other useful files in Trash folder, don’t use Empty Trash option).
  • Now, the Noxplayer Application has been successfully uninstalled from your Mac computer.

Note: It is better to keep in mind that, files deleted from Trash cannot be restored. It is recommended to be very cautious before using Empty Trash option.

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Best Alternatives of Nox App Player on Mac


Genymotion Emulator for macOS

Genymotion is a great alternation to Noxplayer, It is available for both Windows and macOS platforms. Genymotion is a fast and simple Android Emulator which can be used to build and test android apps. Just drag and drop any apk file to install and run on Genymotion.


BlueStacks App Player For macOS - Alternative to Noxplayer

BlueStacks App Player is one of the most popular Android Emulator used to run Android applications on both Windows and Mac. BlueStack gives the fast and smooth gaming experience on Emulator. BlueStacks is completely Free to Download. for macOs as an alternative to Noxplayer is a cloud-based platform that allows to run and preview mobile apps directly from the web browser. Appetize is Portable, lightweight, Ad-Free, Gives live preview option which is very useful for developers to see instantly how the output looks like. Apptize trial period is free.


Koplayer as an alternative to Noxplayer for macOS

Koplayer is a powerful Android Emulator, It helps you use All kinds of apps and video games directly from the Windows or Mac computer. Koplayer is completely free to download.


Andy Emulator for macOS alternative to Noxplayer

Andy is a great Android Emulator that help users keep up with latest Android upgrades. Andy can use widgets, Run Third-party Launchers, deliver notifications. But Andy Emulator uses more system resources. It installs adware, which is a privacy concern for a lot of users.

Conclusion: Download Nox Player for Mac

Want to run Android apps on the Mac computer? Well, you can try Android emulator like Nox App Player in order to run Android apps on the Mac computer. This is an amazing Android emulator packed with lots of features which enhance the experience of running Android on Mac. Here, above, we have also given you guidance on how you can download and install this Android emulator on the Mac computer. Shoot your query or suggestions in the comments section to get the best solution to your problem.

Thank You.

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