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Among Us is one of the most popular games right now with over 90 million downloads across different platforms. The game is basically about surviving in a spaceship, rebuilding it, and saving civilization. In this multiplayer game, you will be able to explore an alien spaceship, planet base, or sky headquarters as a crewmate or imposter. The imposter tries to kill everyone while the crewmates are working to reach back home. The team has to find the imposter or else they fail. The imposter has to kill everyone and not get caught in order to win.

This amazing game is, however, not available on the official app stores for PC. You can now download Among Us MOD on Windows PC and Mac. All you need is a third-party emulator that offers an Android environment on a PC. Here, we use Nox App Player for PC to download Among Us. Check out more about the game in the coming sections. Check out: Apex Legends Mobile APK Download on Windows & Mac [MOD 2022].

Among Us MOD Packs for Windows PC
Among Us MOD for Windows


Features | Among Us MOD for PC

Among Us MOD APK for PC offers a great platform to have fun with your friends, trying to build up the spaceship, finding out the imposter, or hiding from the team to kill them all. This online social deduction game offers an amazing range of features.

  • You are either a crewmate trying to reach back home by building up the spaceship or the imposter betraying the team.
  • Win the game by voting out the imposter or killing your team as an imposter.
  • The game offers the best graphics and visual effects.
  • Now, you can vote anonymously as they appear grey.
  • Taskbar modes are added in the latest version.

More Information about Among Us MOD

App NameAmong Us MOD
CategoryGaming (MOD)
Size201 MB
License TypeFreemium
Compatibility Android, iOS, PC
Age Limit10+

As a crewmate, you have to complete all the tasks and get back to your planet or vote out the imposter to win the game. If you got to be the imposter, don’t arouse suspicion and create chaos to kill them before reaching back.

Install Among US MOD on Windows PC/MAC with Nox App Player [STEPS]

Minimum System Requirements

Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 7 or Above 
Storage 5 GB
ProcessorIntel Processor or AMD Processor

The latest Among Us Imposter Hack is free to download on PC. You will require an Android emulator such as Nox App Player to download Among Us safely on Windows PC and Mac. The emulator provides a safe platform to download third-party apps and games for free. Follow the steps given below to download Among Us on PC using Nox App Player.

  • Go to the given URL from any browser on a PC to get the official website of the Nox App Player.


  • From the page, click on the Download button to download Nox App Player on your PC.
  • Once it is downloaded, open the file and hit the Install button from the confirmation window.
  • Upon installation, launch the Nox App Player.

Nox Player

  • Now, move to the link provided below from the browser to open the download page of Among Us MOD APK.

   Among Us MOD APK

  • You are required to hit the Download option to download Among US APK on your PC.
  • Locate the APK file and right-click to select the Open With option, wherein you have to choose Nox App Player.


  • The emulator identifies Among Us APK and begins the installation process.

Among Us Hack for PC will be downloaded within a few minutes. You can instantly open the game and start playing and exploring the space with your friends.

Best MOD Packs for Among Us – Windows

MOD Packs are like an extension to the Modified version of any software. These MOD Packs are easy to create whereas updating software with all the necessary features takes more time and requires more resources. Splitting required features into different MOD packs and implementing, and pushing them to the end users is an intelligent way of doing things. That’s why MOD packs became very popular over time. Especially Minecraft game is getting so many MOD Packs because of its popularity.

Among-Us MOD version also has a few MOD packs which bring additional features to the game like different game modes and new roles etc. There will be custom servers for the users who use MOD Packs and Everyone in the server has to be installed the same MOD in order to play the game. Now we will look into some of the most popular Among Us MOD packs for Windows.

All of Us:

All of Us is one of the Best MOD packs available for Among Us players, The pack is filled with some cool game modes and Roles.

   Download All of Us MOD Pack

Challenger MOD Pack:

One of the most popular MOD packs with newly added 15 roles. The interesting thing is that all of these 15 roles are unpublished which means you can’t find them anywhere else except those who have installed the Challenger MOD Pack.

  Download Challenger MOD Pack

Town of Imposters:

One of the finest MOD packs among the newly released ones. It became very popular in a very short time for its content and new roles. Though there are other packs that offer more roles than Town of Imposters, this one is having some unique roles which cannot be found in any other packs.

   The Town of Imposters MOD Pack     The Town of Imposters dll file

The Other Roles:

The Other Roles MOD Pack is unique in many ways. The Pack gives access to more than 25 roles with the option to customize characters according to your wish. Customizing options include adding colours, hats and other items to the characters.

       The Other Roles MOD Pack        Download The Other Roles dll file Pack offers 15 new game modes and some roles with extra features. This MOD Pak is available for both Android and PC.

   Download Skeld for Windows       Download for Android

Town of Us:

Town of Us MOD Pack comes with more than 20 unpublished roles. It became the most popular MOD pack in a very Short time because it gives a unique gaming experience.

   Download ModManager for Windows       Download Town of US MOD Pack       Download Town of Us dll file

Extra Roles:

The Extra roles is the MOD pack which has 4 roles in one pack. All 4 roles are popular on their own. Players can use different options at the time of installation like enabling or disabling a particular role.

   Download Extra Roles MOD Pack

Among US MOD on PC | FAQs  

Q - Is Among Us for PC free?

Yes, Among Us for PC is totally free to download.

Q - Is it legal to download Among Us on a PC?

Of course, yes. Among Us Imposter Hack for PC is safe to download and doesn’t violate security policies. So, it is legal to download.

Q - Does Among Us MOD contain ads?

No, there won’t be any ads in Among Us MOD.

Q - What is a MOD Pack?

Mod Packs are collection of modified programs combined as one package and deploying them to work together so the gameplay can be improved.

Q - What are Best MOD Packs for Among Us?

Extra Roles, Town of Us,, All of Us, Challenger, The Other Roles, Town of Imposters are some of the best MOD Packs Available for the Among Us.

Q - Who creates MOD Packs?

MOD Packs are created by the End-Users to change the Game Behaviour as their wish.

Q - Is MOD Packs free?

As far as i know Most of the MOD PAcks are free and they are hosted on GitHub as a open source projects. You can also contribute to the programs in whatever the way if you can.

Q - Do I need more RAM to use MODPacks?

Yes because you are adding something more to the game from the end-user side. So It is good to have more RAM than what is minimum requirement for the Original game.

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Conclusion – Among Us MOD APK for PC for Windows 10/8.1 & MAC

With Among Us on PC, you will be able to enjoy a new multiplayer survival game. You will be assigned the roles privately. Figure out the imposter and progress in the mission or betray your friends by sabotaging and creating chaos. Download Among Us on PC using Nox App Player and save the civilization within the game.

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