BitLife Simulator for PC Free Download (Windows & Mac)

We indeed cannot reverse time in real-life and change some of the choices that we made in the past. However, you can do that in a game. Enter the realm of BitLife – Life Simulator. It is a text-based game, and you will identify yourself as a random character at the beginning of the game. In short, you will be living a virtual life in this game, and your life will progress, relying on the text-based choices you make.

In this post, we will talk more about BitLife – Life Simulator and share with you the steps to install BitLife Simulator for PC on Windows 11/10/8.1/8/ & MAC. Check out: How To Copy/Share Files Between Nox Player and PC [GUIDE].


Is BitLife Mod APK for PC appropriate for kids?

Well! That’s the biggest question regarding BitLife APK in the parents’ minds. As the game progresses, it ultimately depends on the choices that the players make. A player can choose to make good choices and create a happy virtual life consisting of higher education, an excellent job, marriage, and kids. However, there’s a dark side as well. Players can also make riskier choices, like one-night stands, sex without protection, murders, drugs, alcohol, gambling, and more. The language of the game is indecent in a humorous way. So, the game is not appropriate for kids and early teenagers. However, as an adult or an older teen, you can score a good deal of entertainment from BitLife Simulator APK.

Name of the ApplicationBitLife Simulator
Android version4.1 and Above
OSWindows 11/10/8.1/8/7 & Mac
APK File Size134.0 MB
License Type Free
Updated on January 2023

Install BitLife APK on PC – Windows/MAC PC/Laptop

The following are the steps to install BitLife APK on PC Windows 11/10/8.1/8/ & MAC.

  • First, you are required to install an Android Emulator on your Windows PC/MAC Computer. We recommend going ahead with the Nox App Player.

Nox player

  • You can download the offline setup of the same for Windows or MAC from the link given below.

   NOX Emulator

  • Once the installation of the emulator is a success, please download the BitLife Simulator APK file on your PC from Google Play.
  • Open Google Play store and search for BitLife Simulator, click on install and it will start getting installed.

bitlife simulator on PC

  • The Nox App Player will automatically pick up the APK file and initiate the installation for you. All you have to do is follow the simple on-screen instructions to get the task done.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can spot the icon of BitLife Simulator APK on the home screen as well as in the app drawer of the emulator.
  • Launch the game and start living your virtual life.

How to Play BitLife Simulator Hack on PC

  • To Play BitLife – Lief Simulator Hack on your PC, you need to install an mEmulator of your choice.
  • Then Download and Install BitLife Simulator Hack on  your PC via Emulator. Then Enter the Game.
  • This game is all about living a virtual life srom the very beginning. At the beginning of the game, you’ll be born into a family of a random location.
  • From the beginning of your birth you need to choose the actions that suites your age. As you grow older you’ll be exposed to the world and more opportunities to interact with the world.
  • At the age of six you’ll be going to school, By the age of eighteen you are rady to take decisions on your own.
  • At this age you’ll be taking very inportent decisions that later affect your life. You can serve in the Army and gain some experience about life.
  • You will start seeking all the ways to make money and eventually learn about finacnce management. Since you know how to manage money, you will start buying properties and managing assets.
  • Then you will find a girl and get married, then you’ll realise your responsibilities and learn more about society and the people. You will gain some experience about understanding people, you may face conspiracies and learn more from it.
  • At last you will realise time is more important than money, and start spending more time with your family than ever before. You’ll be planning your life more wisely than before and enjoying.
  • Now let us know about BitLife – Life Simulator Hack, With MOD or Hack you’ll experience game as a premium user. The Game will be Ad- Free. You can unlock a few features of Bitizen Ship.
  • Purchase Boss Mode at free of cost and use Time Mechine for Free. Other kind of Free Purchases.

 BitLife Alternatives

Who doesn’t like to play simulation games? BitLife is another such app that allows people to fit right in other character shoes, take decision, and live a simulated life. It has been trending for some time, and here are some of the most excellent alternatives of BitLife.


LIFEisAGAME is a fantastic arcade version alternative of BitLife. You begin your journey as a toddler, and then the game starts. You will have to make several choices now and then and simulate them into another character’s life.

LIFEisAGAME app for iOS - Free Download

Keep Playing and look back your past memories using the game’s reminiscence feature. This game is a combination of small stories that will engage you emotionally.


If you are bored playing BitLife, then LifeSim is undoubtedly one of the best choices of game to look at next. It has almost all the features to simulate roles in game. In game you begin right after your education, and it revolves around early 20s simulation. You also get choice to choose your avatar.

LifeSim mobile game for iPhone - Free

THis game is one complete aspect of BitLife, As it mainly focuses on earning more money and become successful in life. This game also has a sequel as its successor.


Well, if you are craving to have your own family, and live the truth through your decision. Then VirtualFamilies is surely one of the best game you can opt for. You can find a job, get married, and have children within the game.

Virtual Families game mobile app for iPhone - free download

Start taking care of your family and be a successful person in the society. This is the summary of this game and because of this Virtual family has became a smashing hit among the mobile games. eventually part 2 and part 3 has also arrived.


Phew! InstLife is surely one of the best alternative of BitLife. You won’t be disappointed looking at the gameplay of this amazing app. You have to balance different characteristics like health, finance, and car.

InstLife Mobile game for iPhone

This is a virtual life between virtual birth and virtual death. You can shape your according to your interests and lead life as you wish.

Is BitLife APK free?

BitLife Mod APK is a free game. However, if you wish to remove ads you have to shell out $1.99 and if you wish to become a Bitizen you require shelling out $4.99. As a Bitizen, you can unlock more content in the game like hiring hitmen. Please note that if you have to modify and choice that you made previously in your gameplay you require shelling out $0.99 to get the Time Machine.


Q – Can I revisit my choices in BitLife?

Yes! You can! For that, you require shelling out $0.99 to get a time machine.

Q – What are the benefits of becoming a Bitizen?

You can unlock more content by becoming a Bitizen. You can hire hitmen and even keep foreign pets.

Q – Does becoming a Bitizen require a one-time payment or a monthly subscription?

The game developer CandyWriter LLC did try to float the idea of a monthly subscription for becoming a Bitizen as opposed to the current one-time payment. However, the fans of the games were quick to criticize this decision and label it as agreed of the developers. Hence, the idea never came into practice and the game still has a one-time payment of $4.99 to become a Bitizen.

Q – What is God Mode in BitLife?

God Mode is an expansion pack for BitLife that requires you to shell out $2.99. With the assistance of the God Mode expansion pack, you can change the name, statistics, and appearance of any character in the game as many times as you desire. This holds true for your character also. You can choose how your character will look as your age progresses in the game.

Q - Is BitLife Simulator a Free Game?

Yes. You can Install BitLife - Life simulator directly on your PC (Using Emulator) from the Play Store

Q - How long can I live in BitLife ?

On an Average one avatar can live up to 50 years on BitLife. There are records where some people have reached more than 100 years of Age.

Q - What is the Age Limit to Play BitLife?

To Play Bitlife - Life Simulator, one has to be 18 years of Age or More than that. The game exposes players to many adult activities like Sex, Violence etc. Both Google Play Store and Apple's App Store Mentioned BitLife- Life Simulator Game as a 17+ aeg Category.

Q - How to become a Billionaire in BitLife?

You need a lot of in-game currency to become a billionaire in BitLife. You may have to do as many jobs as possible to earn more money. Another way is to Start a new life until you are born as a billionaire's kid.

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Verdict – BitLife on PC Windows 11/10/8 PC/Laptop & MAC 

That’s all regarding the amazing text-based virtual life game BitLife for PC. If you have any more questions in your mind, we are here to get you the answers you need. All you have to do is a comment in the comments section provided below. Till then, Happy Virtual Life!

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