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YouTube is one of the best applications that you can use for streaming. Well, in case of understanding the features, several benefits aren’t available in the usual application. That’s why third-party developers have created some amazing approaches that allow users to access modded features. This mod application version of YouTube is called YouTube ReVanced. You can enjoy streaming any media such as videos and music even without being online.

YouTube ReVanced APK Download on PC

But is it possible to get all these amazing features for free? The answer is yes. With YouTube ReVanced MOD APK, you do not have to pay anything and enjoy unlimited mod features on the go. That’s what it is all about. Let’s begin our article by understanding all the amazing features of YouTube ReVanced APK. Check Out: IPTV Smarters Pro APK Download on PC.


 YouTube ReVanced on PC | Features:

All the benefits of YouTube Vanced are those that aren’t available on the normal version, such as:

  • No sign-in: You do not have to sign in or log in to use the application. You can even download any video from YouTube using this application and enjoy it offline without logging in.
  • AFK watch: You can simply listen to music while using another application. This makes it much easier for you to access various other tasks on your mobile.
  • No additional security: With YouTube ReVanced, you can simply go ahead and download it using our guide below. It allows you to enjoy yourself without adding any security measures or worrying about viruses.
  • Free: This amazing application with all the features is free to use. You can simply download and start using and enjoy all features without paying a single penny. That’s what makes it awesome!
App NameYouTube ReVanced 
CategoryYouTube MOD
Latest Version v17.37.35
Rooting Required?No
Age Rating12+

Phew! That’s it. These are a few of the most amazing features of YouTube ReVanced. To know more about the application, simply follow our guide and know everything.

 YouTube ReVanced on PC Windows 11, Windows 10/8.1/8 or Mac

You can easily download YouTube ReVanced Latest APK on a PC via a simulator such as Nox Player.

  • Open a browser on your PC and search for Nox Player.
  • Now, open the official website, and scroll down to the ‘download’ button.

   NOX Emulator

  • Once the APK file is downloaded, install Nox Player on your PC.
  • Now, open Nox Player, and log in to your Google Account.

Nox player

  • Once logged in, Click the below given link an download ‘YouTube ReVanced’.

   YouTube ReVanced APK

  • Then go to the File Manager and tap on the APK file.

  • Simply click on ‘Install’, and wait till the Nox player’s download manager install it.

  • After installation, go to Settings and give all the permissions that are asked for.

Done, you can now start using YouTube ReVanced on your PC for free without any hassle.

How to Use YouTube Revanced on PC (Windows/Mac)

  • Firstly, Download and Install the YouTube Revanced Apk file on your PC using an Android Emulator.
  • Then open YouTube Revanced, search for videos and start watching.
  • To see your Subscriptions and libraries, you need to Log In to your Google account.
  • In order to make use of Revanced features, you can customize the settings according to your wish.
  • You can use Incognito Mode to leave no trace of your history on your device.
  • Multiple accounts can also be used.
  • One can see how much time he/she is spending on YouTube on Average.
  • Can alter added features settings also according to your interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is it free and safe to use YouTube ReVanced on a PC?

Yes, it is completely safe to use YouTube ReVanced on a PC. You just have to download it using a third-party simulator such as Nox Player to get it for free. You can also enjoy unlimited features with it.

Q - YouTube ReVanced stopped working on PC, what to do?

In case YouTube ReVanced stops working, then you can uninstall it on PC, and reinstall it using Nox Player. Do not worry, we got you covered, simply follow our guide above to do it right away.

Q - Is Revanced Ad-Free?

Yes, YouTube Revanced is completely Ad-Free. It removes Ads in the search results and inside videos. You can also skip Promotional videos automatically.

Q - Where can i Download YouTube Revanced?

You can't download YouTube Revanced from the official Play Store since it is completely against Google terms and conditions. Relevance has to be downloaded from the official website i.e. Revanced official GitHub repository. You can also download it from this page.

Q - YouTube Revanced not working?

You might have to install GApps in order to spoof your Google identity. If GApps or MicroG is not a part of Revanced APK, then you should download and install the latest version of MicroG before Revanced YouTube.

Q - Will Google ban my Google account if I use Revanced YouTube?

Definitely google is against Ad-Blockers but it is not a crime to use Ad-Blockers. It is the same uBlock Origin technology being used in Revanced YouTube too. we are not sure about the future but right now there are no such incidents as Banning users from using YouTube.

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YouTube ReVanced MOD Download on Windows and MAC

So, are you enjoying using YouTube ReVanced on PC? We hope that everything goes fine. Since this application is a mod version, you would need to download it using a simulator like Nox Player. Do not forget to share this guide with your friends and family, and let them enjoy the unlimited features of YouTube. If you have any queries, please comment below. Till next time, kudos!

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