Movie HD for PC (Windows 10/8.1/8/7 & Mac) Laptop

Movie HD App for Android and iOS devices is what we all know! But the thought of having one on our laptop seems to more luxurious and more entertaining.  Yes, you can now download the Movie HD on PC with just a simple process and enjoy unlimited TV shows and movies at the touch of the button.

Movie HD App for PC
Movie HD App for PC

We all are aware of the Movie HD app and below mentioned features will help you to understand why you should consider it.

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Features of Movie HD App [MHD]

Before going into in detailed discussion about out Movie HD & Movie HD Lite Apps for PC, let’s discuss some important features of ‘Movie HD App’.

  • No subscription fees, free of cost.
  • Unlimited access to your favorite content.
  • Multi-region and Multi-language supported.
  • The user interface is very simple.
  • Supports Chromecast
  • Watching offline videos is possible with the download option.

Why Movie HD App Over Other Apps?

We all want to have an App that can be installed on all our devices without any difficulty, isn’t it?  The most important reason why I am recommending this app over others. The user has to do is follow the necessary guidelines mentioned below to install the app.

The Movie HD App comes with crisp navigation and a very distinct interface compared to other apps available. Even if you are a new user of the app you will still find it very easy to grasp the information and access it. Frequently updated content and easy updates make it a more preferred app over others. Movie HD App delivers the best entertainment to its user making it a preferred choice for maximum people.

Fewer installation problem and server connection is an added advantage of the Movie HD App.

Since we all know the features and why this app let’s quickly move to the installation process to make sure that reading the article does not only give information but also entertainment. Unlike the iOS and Android devices, the installation process is different on Windows & Mac PC.

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Method 1: Install Movie HD App on PC via Nox Emulator

Step 1Download Nox Emulator from Here.

for Windows:

   Download Nox Emulator

For Mac:

   Download Nox for Mac

Step 2: After the download is completed on your device make sure you run and install the Nox emulator for Windows & Mac.CLICK ON SCREENSHOT ICON

Step 3: Download Move HD APK on your computer from the below source.

   Download Movie HD APK

Step 4: Go to files tab in your Nox emulator then the path to apps and figure the folder in which you have downloaded Movie HD Apk on your device.

Step 5: You will be able to see both the Movie HD icon on the device.

Step 6: Now open the Movie HD App. This will help you to install the app on our Nox Emulator automatically.

Movie HD App & AMPlayer
Movie HD App & AMPlayer

Step 7: On your, Nox Emulator click on the apps drawer icon in the top right corner.

Step 8: You will have to download the AMPlayer to facilitate Movie HD to run the content on your device. Mentioned below steps to download the AMPlayer.

AMPlayer - Movie HD App
AMPlayer – Movie HD App

Step 9: Run the app and now enjoy your favorite content at your comfort zone and you will find the video’s streaming in AMPlayer.

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Method 2: Install Movie HD Lite  on PC via Bluestacks

  1. Download Bluestacks software from here:
  2. Now, Download Movie HD and initiate the installation process on your device.
  3. Install Movie HD APK after clicking on the Bluestacks icon in the left sidebar.
  4. After you finish installing Movie HD go to the drawer and Run Movie HD.
    Movie HD App with Nox App Player
    Movie HD App with Nox App Player
  5. Once you have downloaded and installed Movie HD via Bluestacks you will need an AMPlayer to watch your content.
  6. Follow the quick simple steps to install AMPlayer on your device.
  7. Search and select the show you want to watch and streaming will begin.
    Movie HD App Movies on PC & Laptop
    Movie HD App Movies on PC & Laptop

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Install AMPlayer to Watch Movies

AM player is a supporting media player which you need to install to play any movie.

Step 1: Run the Bluestacks once again on your device if you have closed it completely or else open the Bluestacks which you minimized earlier.

Step 2: Open the play store option in Bluestacks.

Step 3: Search for AMPlayer in the store and install it on your device.

Install AMPlayer to Watch Movies & TV Shows
Install AMPlayer to Watch Movies & TV Shows

Step 4: Once you download the AMPlayer on your device go to Movie HD icon and open to select any show or movie of your choice.

How to Transfer Movies from Emulator to PC?

  • Open the Emulator and then access the manager app.
  • Go to download option and select the file and move it to sdcard\c\folder on your device.
  • You will find the shared folder on your PC at c:\users\ Public\
  • You can follow steps in vice versa to move files from pc to emulators.

How to Transfer Movies from Bluestacks to PC?

  1. Run Bluestacks and download ESFile manager however there is no such compulsion you can use any file manager.
  2. Select the files on your device and then move it to windows> BST shared to copy your files.
  3. You will find BST shared folder in C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData\Sharefolder and the location of this file will depend on the installation path that you might have selected at the time of Bluestacks installation.

You can follow steps in vice versa to move files from pc to Bluestacks.

VIP App for Free: MovieBox Pro VIP Free on PC (Download UPDATED Version).


Is Movie HD Safe to Use?

Yes, absolutely the application is safe and it won’t harm your device.

How to Fix Buffering on your device?

There are chances you may face a buffering problem with Movie HD. Please make sure that you clear all the cache memory and install the app again. Also, a good internet connection would serve the purpose.

Is the App Available on Play Store?

No, the app isn’t available on the play store.

How to Use the Movie HD App?

The process is very simple, download the Movie HD APK File. To Install the application open it on the device and then open the app from the home screen.

Is Movie HD App Free?

Yes, the application comes at no extra cost. You need to pay any amount to access the app.

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Conclusion Movie HD (MHD) App Download on PC (Windows & Mac)

Movie HD is an excellent application to watch your favorite movie and shows on the internet.  The application provides huge and unlimited access to a collection of TV shows, movies, videos, music, sports, and that also free of cost.  You can now also access the app on your PC and laptop with ease by following the above methods.

What makes you wait then?  Get access to your favorite series on your Windows PC/ Laptop with Movie HD application. I hope you have downloaded and installed the application successfully now on your computer. Do let us know in the comment section if you face any difficulty and don’t forget to share this article with your friends too!

Thank You.

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